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4 Signs To Know Whether A Pastor Is Fake Or Real

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We always encounter new types of pastors in our daily lives.Some people even end up being poor after approaching some pastors for help.It is an indisputable fact that there is an increasing number of fake pastors in Africa especially and other continents in the world.Some of these fake pastors engage in their wicked acts just to exploit the poor and the rich.At least 70% of Africans have been enslaved under these pastors in the quest of instant miracles they see them performing on TV stations.Although there is no one way to identify them,there are some activities they engage in that are common.Here are some signs to know a fake pastor. View pictures in App save up to 80% data.

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1.Pastors Who Sell Anointing Oils At High Prices.

With the bad agenda that some pastors have in mind,they tend to sell just anything they lay their hands on in the name of miracles.Most Africans like instant miracles to become rich or successful among other peers instead of praying.So that's what this fake pastors wanted to fulfill especially for the youth of today.Someone who is ill and sent to a pastor would be required to pay 1000 Ghana Cedis for a bottle of anointing oil to be healed.And if that person doesn't have the money to pay, then Mr.Pastor wouldn't lay hands on the sick person.Is that the form of love Jesus thought? If a pastor cannot pray for you because you don't have money,then it is just a plain type of a fake pastor.Just imagine buying a 20p sachet water at church for 2000 Ghana Cedis without even receiving the claimed miracle on such water.

2.Pastors Who Receive High Consultation Fees.

The first question is that,should pastors charge for consultation? Now the trending and only way of seeing or meeting pastors and telling them your problems is by paying consultation fees.Some of these consultation fees are higher than the salary some people take a month. And after seeing the pastor,then he or she will direct you to go and buy anointed handkerchiefs and holy waters before your problem would be solved. This is a pure business in Christianity now.But beware,some of these fake pastors use tricks while others have strong demonic backings that can affect your entire life.Always be careful of the pastors you go to and what you take from them.

A young pastor who has repented from this fake pastor life gave a testimony on a show on Atinka FM,Ghana where he revealed that some of these holy waters are waters from corpses which some pastors wickedly ask their congregants to drink.Be careful of the water you take from some pastors to drink in the name of miracles.

3.Pastors Who Don't Refer To The Bible When Preaching.

Have you ever taken note of such a pastor?Most fake pastors don't refer to the Bible when preaching.One common topic they always love to preach is prosperity, money and miracles. All this is because their members always like to hear such sweet worded messages.You will never hear such pastors preaching about salvation nor doing the will of God. These pastors like miracle Crusades instead of asking members to pray.One thing you would see in such churches is their bad dressing and also the overwhelming act of adultery and fornication.

4.Pastors Who Always Say 'I Will Solve Your Problem'

Can you imagine that? As a Christian, you should know Jesus Christ is the one who solves problems.A good pastor will tell you that Christ will solve your problem and then later pray with you but because some of these fake know the demonic spirits backing them,they see themselves as the problem solvers.

Some of them boldly claim they are the most powerful and strong in the country.You may even come across some of them who compete with their healing and miracle performing abilities.One thing you should know is that,the healing and miracles of fake pastors don't last.Its either new problems come your way after they heal you of a different problem.By their fruits you shall know them.Their lifestyles and attitude are also clues to their originality.

Have you ever encountered a fake pastor? Have you ever wasted your money on the items they sell but to no avail?This is the time you have to pray more.Most of us like quick miracles that do not last long.God may sometimes be slow in responding but when He accomplishes everything,it becomes more and long lasting.Trust in God.

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