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Why Prempeh College is the best second cylce institution in Ghana.

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Prempeh College is one of the popular boys senior high schools in Ghana. Every year, thousands of students attempt to secure admission to the school but only a few privileged ones get the opportunity to enter this great institution.

Prempeh College was established in 1949 by the Asanteman Traditional Council, the British Colonial government, the Methodist Church, Ghana and the Presbyterian Church of Ghana. Although there are several other good schools in Ghana but Prempeh College stands tall.

This article seeks to establish why Prempeh College is the best senior High School in Ghana using these thematic areas, infrastructure, achievements and notable alumni.


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When it comes to infrastructure , Prempeh College stands tall. The school has some wonderful edifices which will make you wonder whether indeed this school is in Ghana. It is the only school in Ghana which was built in such a way that all facilities are connected. Students in Prempeh College can go to class even when there are heavy downpour because there is a canopy walk way which connects all the structures. Currently the school is having 10 residential halls, 7 classroom blocks , two assembly halls. The school's labs are well equipped to facilitate learning.

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When it comes to achievements, non beats Prempeh College. In fact Prempeh College is the most successful school in Ghana. The school has enviable awards in all competitions organised at the senior high school level. In the field of academia, Prempeh College was the first school to win the most decorated senior high school competition, i.e the National Science and Maths Quiz. Prempeh won it in 1994, the very first edition. They again won it in 1996,2015 and 2017. The School again won the National Debate Championships in 1997 and 2004. Prempeh college was the first African school to win the World Robotics Championships in 2016. They managed to beat countries like China, USA and other well endowed countries. The achievements of Prempeh College are numerous which if i decide to list them, may take me months and years to finish.

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Prempeh College has produced a lot of notable alumni whose contribution ranges from governance, health, education, sports etc. Prempeh has produced a lot of notable men who in one way or the order has contributed his quota to ensure the development of Ghana. Below are some of the notable alumni of mother Prempeh.

1.John Agyekum Kuffuor- Former President of the Republic of Ghana

2.Prof. Agyemang Badu Akosah

3.Mathew Opoku Prempeh- Minister of Education

4.Ato Ahwoi

5.Kwesi Ahwoi

6.Kwesi Sintim Misa (KSM)

7.Joe Paul Amoah -National 200m Record Holder.

The list is endless.

Indeed if your ward wants to have access to quality education in a second cycle institution in Ghana, Prempeh College is the school of choice

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