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12 Signs That Proves Your Partner Wants To Break Up, But Lacks The Courage

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It has always been said that men seldom end relationships, that it could be as bad as it could be, they always manage to break up with a partner to leave the victim and use this against the other, but I have seen that many women use the same cowardly tactics to escape from a relationship that no longer satisfies them. So, this article is for both genders.

The list is long, and if you identify at least 5 of these characteristics in your partner, it is good to be alert! Though I used the pronoun 'he' more often in this article, it can also be applied to the ladies as well.

1. He starts to be jealous of things he never had before: his friends, family, co-workers, neighbors.

2. Most fights seem pointless. He gets involved with anything and, for the most part, he doesn't even know why he is so upset about it.

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3. He is more and more absent , arrives late from work and leaves home early for any appointment. The number of programs he does without you is increasing.

4. Intimacy is rare and of low quality. He seeks less, when he does, he acts as if it was an obligation.

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5. Each day he expresses less feelings. To hear an "I love you" you need to ask and insist, and often not even so.

6. It is your fault that everything goes wrong for him: if he's stressed, if your son gets a low grade, if it rains, it's all your fault and the reason for another disproportionate and meaningless fight.

7. He keeps provoking, putting you down, for several reasons : your work, weight, hair.

8. He minimizes your feelings. Everything related to you is drama, exaggeration, nonsense.

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9. Most of the time, you seem invisible to him. You may be dancing in the sexiest lingerie or lying prostrate, sick, in bed, he doesn't even notice it.

10. He is unfaithful and doesn't care so much that you find out.

11. He underestimates your intelligence.

12. He can become aggressive, with or without an apparent reason.

Remember: you were made to be happy and you deserve it! So, don't accept that nothing or anyone takes that away from you! Value yourself, love yourself, take care of yourself and move on! Be brave enough to give yourself the love you deserve.

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