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A Pastor leaked his chat with a married church member by mistake. See what was in the chat.

GreatMitchell 06/29/2020

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In many religious settings, pastors who cheats with church members especially married women are seriously forbidden. These act are frown against in society as men of God are seen to be God’s mouth piece. A recent development in Ghana has hit netizens and social media where a chat between a pastor who has been cheating with a church member who happens to be a married woman has been mistakenly leaked.

It is even more disturbing by the fact that sir, daddy and daughter are used in this conversations. The man is a pastor, specialist in marriage counseling in the church and this woman is one of his clients who complains her husband’s attitude to him. Now, the pastor’s wife got this proof of chats between them.

According to the leaked chats, the married woman complained to the pastor that the husband traveled this morning and he didn’t torch her, as she has been doing everything but the husband doesn’t find her attractive anymore. From the chat, the married lady complained that she can’t be getting satisfaction from him the pastor since he is her spiritual father.

She revealed that, the last pregnancy she removed, if it were to be for her husband, she wouldn’t have removed it. In the chat, it was seen that, the married woman said, since last night it has been raining and there is no one to touch her. She said she has to play with herself because she needed someone. Finally, she invited the pastor over because she was so cold and need some cuddling as the pastor responded that he is coming to her house. At the end of the conversation, the lady asked the pastor to delete the chat, but it seems the pastor forgot to do that.

These spiritual father relationships are being taken to another level and need to be stopped before marriages collapse. See the leaked chat between them below.

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Meanwhile, the question is whose fault is it? Many people think that it is the husband’s fault. If he had been giving her wife what she needs, this wouldn’t have happened. So who do you think it’s at fault? Let’s hear from you. 


Source: opera.com
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Top Comments
ZaniChani · 06/30/2020
aaah my people please before you comment take a look at the chatting time is that thing happen in one an hour, please stop deforming pastors with useless fake stories
GUEST_b274kk3xB · 06/30/2020
All of them are at fault

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