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Prophet Na’akwaa Isaac Allegedly on a Warpath with a Junior Pastor over 4 Girls in the Church.

MyLip 06/24/2020

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The Seat never ceases to amaze viewers with its in-depth investigations and revelations. What initially started as a verbal war between Kennedy Agyapong, law maker for the Assin Central constituency and Prophet Badu Kobi has suddenly been blown out of proportion and has burnt many other people. The war on fake pastors has since continued unabated with no hopes of the fire dying out any time soon.

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Tonight June 24, 2020 witnessed more revelations on The Seat. The Seat alleged that Na’akwaa is on a war path with one of his pastors called Rabi over 4 girls. The ladies include Gloria, Peggy, Gifty and Efe.

Kwaku Annan today revealed that his investigations have revealed that the two pastors were fighting over who was fit to be in a relationship with the ladies. Both men have clashed severally over the 4 ladies. 

The investigations also revealed that Na’akwaa Isaac sacked Rabi because the junior pastor also allegedly visited and consulted Na’akwaa spiritual father in Nigeria without consulting Na’akwaa. 

Pastor Rabi went ahead to change the logo of the church branch in Tema, Community 2, right after returning from Nigeria. Lastly, Rabi faked a prophecy against a chief in Tema. The chief who was apparently scared allocated a room in his hotel for the allegedly man of God to use for prayers. Rabi however has been using the room for his amorous activities

It can be recalled that Na’akwaa Isaac has been accused of cheating on his wife and later buying a house to compensate the wife when she found out.

Kwaku Annan went ahead to dare Na’akwaa Isaac of Jericho Miracle to come out and deny these charges. It is unknown if Na’akwaa will come out to speak on these allegations

What do you make of the revelations against Na’akwaa Isaac?

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GUEST_pRallEJ60 · 06/24/2020
God have mercy on us
CriticalView · 06/25/2020
Interesting times ahead

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