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Anas Exposé On COVID-19 Unnecessary And Not Worth The Hype

KwameBlack_01 06/29/2020

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On June 26, investigative journalist and member of the Tiger Eye PI, Anas Aremeyaw Anas, dropped hints of another ''blockbuster'' exposé titled ''Corona Quacks''.

Anas, who is well known and celebrated by Ghanaians for consistently exposing corrupt politicians and public office holders after the announcement of his exposé, received a lot of attention and praise from many Ghanaians.

Some of the majors work from Anas Aremeyaw Anas includes:

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a. The Ghana Judiciary Scandal. This investigative piece focused on corrupt practices in Ghana's Judicial sector. A lot of respectable judges were implicated in this particular investigative piece.

b. Number 12. The number 12 investigative piece by Anas Aremeyaw Anas and his Tigger Eye PI is one of the most famous investigative piece. In fact, it is the most recent investigative piece which caused a major shift in our football history as a country. The investigation focused on corrupt activities in the Ghanaian football fraternity.

c. Ghana's soul takers. This investigative piece was conducted in 2014. This investigative piece focused on road safety and how drivers acquired their license through fraudulent means.

The above are the recent works of Anas and his Tiger Eye PI team.

The high expectations of many Ghanaians were driven by Anas Aremeyaw's track record of exposing corruption within the top political class and other public office holders.

Most Ghanaians already had doubt about how the government was handling the COVID-19 pandemic and how effective the donated funds would be put to good use so the announcement from Anas came as a good news.

The reaction from social media and commentaries in public conversations reflected how ready and charged Ghanaians were.

Names of television stations approved by Anas and his Tigger Eye PI to showcase the much expected blockbuster were brought out on the date of premier and snippet of the investigative piece started flying in on social media.

The Premier, Hype And Disappointment

The noise and hype surrounding the premier got every Ghanaian glued to their TV set and Laptop. As announced by the Ace investigative journalist, the 30 minutes blockbuster was to be aired officially on BBC Eye Channel on BBC Africa Youtube page and also on TV3.

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The other local T.V stations were expected to air the delayed version of the much expected exposé.

The Disappointed

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Contrary to what many Ghanaians expected, Anas Aremeyaw Anas' exposé was rather unnecessary and not worth the hype.

The expectations people had were ''swerved'' as the exposé largely focused on quack doctors and herbal practitioners selling drugs purported to cure corona virus.

The Ghana Health Service, World Health Organization and Centre For Disease Control had already indicated that COVID-19 had no cure and went ahead to prescribe safety protocols.

The world health authorities went further to dissociate themselves from countries which claimed to have a cure for the virus so it was common knowledge for every Ghanaian.

Those who decided to go in for the so-called Covid cures did so based on what they believed in. In fact, there are a lot herbal medicines on the market which haven't been approved but are reportedly potent, as claimed by many users.

Spending time on such an investigative piece, wasn't just a waste of time but very unnecessary.

The investigative piece does not only cast doubt on local drugs, it also reinforces the negative impression/perception people have about local drugs and their potency.

Many Ghanaians expressed their disappointment after the 30 minutes exposé.

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Questions On Why Anas Hasn't Investigated The Death Of His Partner Ahmed Suale

Many have questioned why the award winning investigative journalist failed to conduct investigations into the death of his partner Ahmed Suale.

It would be recalled that Ahmed Suale, an ally of Anas and a member of the Tiger Eye PI was gruesomely murdered on January 19, 2019 by unknown person(s). Many expected Anas to use his exposé tactics to fish out the murderers but it appears that's impossible.

Instead of the current exposé, many expected the investigative journalist to focus on the Ahmed Suale issue. Below are screenshot of Ghanaians who expressed their disappointment on social media.

View pictures in App save up to 80% data. View pictures in App save up to 80% data. Kindly share your opinion whether this exposé was necessary or Anas Aremeyaw Anas and his Tiger Eye PI just needed attention.

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Eveaf · 07/1/2020
Now every sector in the country is corrupt we are not safe anymore the country is doomed

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