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Free advice: Two reasons why you should not marry a nurse

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Two reasons why you should not marry a nurse

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Nurses over the years have been reported to be very disobedient. You will realize that when the nursing occupation was introduced people were even being begged to join and that accounted for the profession being held in high esteem today. Majority of those who joined back then are gone on retirement but today's nurses aren't caring like those old ladies. Today you goto a health Care centre and the nurse talks to you any how.

In this article I will share with you four reasons why a nurse won't be a good wife to you

First of all you must understand that they see sick patients often and some of them have even killed their conscience as such they become incompassionate and having such a person as your wife is bringing calamity home.

Again, nowadays' Nurses are used to esteeming their job more than the home and this will affect your marriage greatly.

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Top Comments
+233-55856**** · 06/28/2020
even if angels from heaven comes to earth as humans there will be reasons not to marry them. please they are humans
MaameAkweleyGh · 06/27/2020
the kind of attitude you take to the hospital is the same attitude the nurses will show to you. precise,in every institution,there is a bad nut,so this is no news at all, so dear,go and come back with good points.
AdarkwaTuffour · 07/2/2020
for me I want nursi to be my wife
ElvisAdjei · 06/29/2020
so do u want them to be single all their life?

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