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Red Alert : What Money Can Do. Are They Smuggled Or Stolen Cars ? [Evidence Photos Attached]

Blazing_News 06/26/2020

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A picture posted on Facebook by The ruling New Patriotic Party NPP Dome Kwabenya Constituency communications had some hundreds of Taxis branded in the name of the sitting member of Parliament Honorable Sara Adwoa Sarfo.

Whether meant to be given out to her delegates as appreciation for maintaining her as candidate or she is giving them out to Taxi Drivers for hire purchase or free or she will be giving them to ordinary constituents to support her, we don't know.

As to whatever reason, she can tell. But one thing I will like the Drivers and Vehicle Licence Authority and the National security to check is the source of these cars. This has become relevant because the Constituency communication blurred all the number plates of the cars before posting them on social media.

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Blurred Number Plates Posted

Ghanaians are so much enlightened now to pick a phone to dial *920*57# to check whether cars are authenticated by the Drivers and Vehicle licensing Authority or they are fake. Its an open secret that most of these cars with fake registration numbers are either smuggled or stolen cars.

We are not saying Honorable Sara Adwoa Sarfos cars are stolen or smuggled ones.But she can do us good by explaining why her people chose to hide all the number plates from the public.

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Top Comments
Yaweh · 06/26/2020
thieves running this country, I am from her constituency and trust me the road from kwabenya to her own house was as bad as the word itself. she had money to share 2 flat screen TV and other items to delegates. shame on her shame on the npp and nana addo
GUEST_Jo8ZA6G0Q · 06/26/2020
useless po
+39-327082**** · 06/26/2020
Ghana money eeiìi
Petersburg-3 · 06/26/2020
So u as the reporter has not been able to follow up,u couldn't even read good meanings in to it.! but u only pulled the pictures from Facebook to come and confused us here! anyway if the mp in ur constituency has done similar help like what adwoa safo is doing for her constituency then unemployment burdens would have reduced! she deserved to be honored because she could have used the money for something else but she is rather helping...

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