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Testimonies and public reactions to the birthday of the man of mysteries, Apostle Joshua Selman

KingsleyWealth 06/24/2020

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Happy Birthday Apostle Joshua Selman, surely the last couple of months have been amazing due to your messages. Before I ever got to hear you I had a lot of unanswered questions on spiritual life, but as i listened to you I've learnt so much and my life has never been the same again. I have experienced miracles upon miracle by associating with your Ministry, but most importantly there has been a shift I'm my spiritual life and I feel the joy of the Lord in all situations. I pray one day you may visit us in Uganda. I wish I had the necessary resources and I invite you to come and speak to the hungry souls with so many unanswered questions in this my country. Thank you sir and may the Day you were born be blessed because you are a blessing to this generation. We love you sir. 

Happy birthday once again.


I heard about Apostle Joshua Selman from a Friend in 2015 just when I entered the University for many months I didn’t listen to the message but one day I was playing music on my phone and slept off the music kept played and started playing Apostles message it was Commanding Results I woke and listen an since that day I have been hooked I also want to use this medium to ask God that on the 25th which is the Birthday of our Father my Friend who introduced me to Apostles message would be found as she has been missing for 7 months now I believe God can and will do it for us in Jesus name Amen Happy Birthday AJS I thank God for your life and for the discipline of conformity


I knew about Apostle Joshua Selman from my younger brother.I started listening to the deep things God ''my understanding and d love for the word of God fired up from there.I used to be very timid about sharing the word of God in my local church I barely stood up for any occasion but listening to Apostle alone fire up my knowledge n wisdom about the word. I can now make note and share message in any platform anywhere now.I love Apostle Selman.I was previlage to see him at worshipers experience in Abuja that confirmed he's mentorship in my life I'm grateful. God contiually bless and keep you Sir

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