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Afia Swarzneggar angrily reacts to news of her arrest

CrownAngel 06/24/2020

View pictures in App save up to 80% data. According to sources gathered by CrownAngel media, a very popular and controversial public model, Afia Schwasneggar has been arrested by the Ghana Police Service.

Afia Swarzneggar was recently over the news for having issues with P-mobile after she claimed she would beat up the CEO of P-Mobile the company owes her some amount of money which they have failed to pay.

The CEO of P-Mobile denied these claims and for that matter sued Afia Swarzneggar in court for threatening to beat him up meanwhile the company owes her no amount of money as she claims.

Afia Swarzneggar after receiving the lawsuit got infuriated and burnt the lawsuit because she saw it as nonsense and insult for P-Mobile to file a lawsuit against her meanwhile it is the company that is owing her. She further rained curses on the company.

She was arrested in spite of this according to a video going viral about Afia Swarzneggar being interrogated in police custody. After her release she responded back by saying the Ghana Police has nothing to do to her and further rained insults on people who broadcasted news of her arrest.

Source: opera.com
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