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Vivian Jill Got Married Again After Divorce.

Manuelharrybaffoe 06/25/2020

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Vivian Jill Lawrence is a Ghanaian actress and philanthropist. She is popular for starring in movies such as Sekina, Asew Red Card, Adom, Kayayo, Rebecca and Daakyee Asem.

Jill has also featured in many movies in Ghana and also some part of Africa, and has nominated for a lot of award due to his hard work and how good she is when it comes to acting.

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The actress who has starred in many movies in Ghana has manage over the few years to stay at the top of the industry. She is with two sons Clinton and Alfie whom their father is know yet to the media.

Reports suggest that Vivian Jill got married recently and she has used her Instagram account to publicized it with a beautiful traditional ceremony that has got everyone talking about.

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She shared videos and pictures of the ceremony on her Instagram page and talking about her new marriage with a man Mr. Daud who is believe to be his husband.

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