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7 things the EC has set up to guarantee a protected enrollment in the the new voters registration.

Odamegabriel 06/29/2020

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The Electoral Commission has been occupied with different talks concerning how well to compose the voters' enlistment exercise to dodge the withdrawal and spread of coronavirus. 

So as to stop the spread the novel coronavirus malady also called the COVID-19, the World Health Organization sketched out some security safeguards to help diminish the spread. 

Towards a protected and secure 2020 voter enrollment work out, the electoral commission has sketched out somewhere in the range of seven measures to control and forestall the spread of COVID-19. 

1. Facemask 

Wearing of facemask would be extremely necessary. The EC has coordinated that everybody must have a facemask on before they would be permitted to enter the enrollment places. 

2. Temperature checks 

The Electoral Commission has expressed that the temperature of individuals will be checked before they are permitted to enter the enrollment communities. 

3. Handwashing 

Individuals would be furnished with water and cleanser to wash their hands altogether before they join the line 

4. Social Distancing 

The EC additionally said as a feature of measures to decrease swarming, it would guarantee that there is at least 1-meter separation between people while they join the line 

5. Scanner Wipes 

The EC has additionally uncovered that all scanners would be cleaned with liquor based wipes before catching the fingerprints of people. 

6. Purify 

Much the same as has been prompted by the World Health Organization, the EC has expressed that it would give people hand sanitisers before they leave the enlistment community. This would be done to guarantee that the individual doesn't leave with any sort of infection on his/her hands. 

7. PPE's 

The EC has likewise shown that Electoral Commission authorities who will embrace the enlistment exercise would be in fitting Personal Protective Equipment

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