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Life has been very tough for me after I lost my manhood through the accident.


During my days in high school, bad friends I hanged out with influenced me to join occultism. I became very brilliant although I seldom read my notes but I always became first in class.

Although I didn't clearly know the sweetness of sex but I got many girls with me aside being brilliant, I was the best dancer on campus as well.

I never went for church activities both on campus and at home, because I was afraid I might get caught by a powerful pastor.

At first, I was only good in class but as time went on I began to chase money even though I was still in high school. I was compelled to make a sacrifice that if I fail to do I'll go mad, so I sacrificed with my only brother.

I made some money after my second year in high school, so school lost it sense of meaning to me so I stopped schooling to make more money.

On my fourth year of entering occultism, I was told to made a sacrifice with my brother and mom or lose my life. I was frightened but I went on to do it. So I lost my only brother and for material possession.

Things were moving on normal just that I was being haunted by their ghost. I enjoyed the luxurious life with plenty girls, I changed ladies like clothes.

One day when I was driving to a hotel with a girl, my car collided head on head with a tipper truck I was unconscious and massively wounded so we were rushed to the hospital but very unfortunately, the girl died. 

Some few days until I regained consciousness, I realized that a catheter has been inserted in my urethra. Not only that, I saw bandages around my manhood.

It was hard believing this, I've lost my manhood. The doctors took me through series of counseling but I was damn brokenhearted and thought that was the end of my life.

Living a meaningful life ended that day, I've lost all I had, the cars, the money and all the houses I had. My new home was the drinking spot.

I had no mom to advice nor a brother to console me, I've exchanged their lives for wealth and for now I've nothing left on me.  View pictures in App save up to 80% data.

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