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If you want to be influential tomorrow, Don't do any of these 4.

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View pictures in App save up to 80% data. Many people have ruined their reputation and character because of certain things they engaged in during their early days .

If you ever want to be influential or a leader then don't engage in any of these .

1. Don't abuse the authority granted to you today .

Mind how you treat people when you are given the authority today . This is because how you treat people today will determine how they will treat you tomorrow. So if you Lord it upon people today, remember they won't give you the chance to lead them tomorrow

2. Don't run away from communal activities.

People in our jurisdiction look at our contribution to communal development before they will endorse us tomorrow . Don't give unnecessary excuses in order to run way from communal activities . Try your possible best to always be part of any communal activity which brings about development because it's counts tomorrow . As our Elders say ; if nakedness promise to give you clothing, ask his name .

3. Mind whatever you ptu on the internet today, especially social media .

Many people have lost their jobs and other legacies because of what they posted on the internet some years back . Take note that whatever you put on the internet today can be retrieved tomorrow . So to be on the saver side always try your best to post things that won't destroy your reputation tomorrow .

4 . Lastly don't engage in any defaming activities .

Many times we are told to forget our past and forge ahead to get a better future . But you should know that if you ever want other be influential and great b, then mind what you are doing today that can be used against your reputation tomorrow . For instance,in Ghana one cannot hold certain offices if one has a certain level of criminal background.

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