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We Are All Fake Prophets- Prophet Obidiaba.

OfficiallyBlack 06/29/2020

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Prophet Obidiaba Kwajo who is the general overseer of Obidiaba ministry has responded to news circulating on social media that most Prophets and prophetess in Ghanaians fake and They belong to occultic groups .

According to the frontliner and founder of Obidiaba ministry , he is always proud when Ghanaians called them occultic because belonging to occultic group mean you are a very powerful man of God and you can solve so many peoples problems confronting people.

The lion as his church members affectionately called him also made a serious allegation against all prophets of God. According to him most people believe those churches selling spiritual items are all fake. If selling of items in churches make some one a fake prophet then all prophets in Ghana are fake including myself, he said.

He challenge any pastor or prophet who does not sell or charge before consultation to come out and swear the Holy Bible and if they are able to do so them he will use his own television station to spread the news on who is fake or true men of God.

Prophet Obidiaba further states that most Ghanaians believe in those Prophets and prophetess who are of age and always prefer them as original and true men of God. He went on to say that , the anointing of God comes opon who so ever the Lord has chosen and it doesn't matter your age or status. How can I be pastor and you expect me to go for the salary of the teacher , he questioned. A pastor must be paid by the church and no one else.

My biggest worry in this country is people always see pastors and prophets as a threat to the nation because as a pastor you dont have to look good , you don't have to eat better food . The moment a prophet starts looking good in this country people begin to brand him or her as not been from God. He (Obidiaba) said.

Prophet Obidiaba states categorically that as a man of God you have to look good to inspire your church members. How do you expect me to look reckless or dress roughly when I have more than thousands of people who are looking up to me with most of them inspiring to be men of God tomorrow.

We live in a country where people have no value for Prophets of God and if proper care is not taken this will one day cause as a big doom. He said.

He additionally advised Ghanaians to stop referring to some prophets as been fake because they sell spiritual items in their churches and if this is the case it means that those whom they believe are worst than them.

Go and ask your pastors about how they have been using the collections they have been taking from you and they agreed to render proper accountability to you then may be you can called him or her a true man or woman of God. He concluded.

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Top Comments
ForsonNobleJoeAkwasi · 06/30/2020
thelion · 06/30/2020
this guy doesnt even know to preach, he is a trickster, he will pay people, bring them on tv and cover their faces and will use those people for fake prophecies. apuuu
+233-57799**** · 07/1/2020
if you are fake fine but not every prophet You guys just speak jazz dragging genuine men of God into your fold. For years we had genuine men of God in our churches but you fake giyd sprang up ND want to drag everyone into your fold. Which genuinesn 9f God will swear before you on the Bible. Charlatans. dragging the name of God into disrepute bcos of greed for money He is watching ND would deal with you in his time
MonayaIogo · 07/1/2020
all pastors are fake

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