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Top Government Officials At Risk Of Covid-19: Does Schools Reopening Now Seems A Scary Decision?

charleselorm 06/24/2020

We are seeing a very worrying trend where top government officials are testing and have tested positive for Novel Coronavirus. Below are the list of some of the top Ghanaian officials who are known to be receiving treatment for the virus;

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Minister of Education, Dr. Matthew Opoku Prempeh have allegedly tested positive, he is currently at the University of Ghana Medical Center (UGMC).

Mr. Dan Botwe, Member of Parliament (MP) for Okere in the Eastern Region and Minister of Regional Re-organisation and Development has been admitted at the University of Ghana Medical Center awaiting test results for possible covid-19 infection.

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Madam Lydia Dsany-Selby, Chief Executive Officer of the National Health Insurance Authority who was confirmed positive as well.

Mr. Kwaku Agyeman-Manu, the Minister of Health was also confirmed positive. Three other health colleagues at the ministers office are also under quarantine for covid-19.

Earlier on a very sad note, Mayor for Takoradi, Mr. K. K. Sam also tested and subsequently died of the virus.

Now these are our champions and the drafters of the measures of preventing the corona-virus and they are getting infected. They have all the necessary personal protective equipment and they would have adhered to the measures but still got infected. They own their own vehicles, wear their face masks, obey the personal hygiene yet somehow are infected. Unless we have cause to believe otherwise they obeyed all the protocols.

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What about you and I? We sit in taxis and trotros and sometimes forget to adhere to the measures or fail to adhere to the measures. Are we not at even higher risk?

When we couple these with the numbers boarding vehicles to schools (Junior High Schools, Senior High Schools, Universities) and the myriad of teaching staff coming from all over the country, it is a real cause for worry.

If our authorities who have all the necessary measures and protocols at their disposal are getting infected, our younger brothers and sisters returning to campus must be carefully watched and taken care-of to prevent escalations.

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Already there are reports of some students reporting sick and being quarantined. Care must therefore be taken by government and authorities to forestall escalations.

In my opinion it is a very scary decision for parents to allow their wards to go out there for tuition. Most parents are worried for the health of their children. We are looking at over a 100,000 students going back to school based on the President's announcement. It is therefore necessary to protect them as that number is even higher than the current cases of covid-19 that Ghana currently recorded.

If you are a student returning to school and you are reading this write-up, take the measures very seriously, obey the physical distance of one (1) meter, wear your face mask, do not touch your face (nose or eyes), sanitize and wash your hands as often as possible. Cough or sneeze into your elbow or disposable tissue and report any sick conditions as quickly as possible to the school authorities.

Stay safe, stay home if you have nothing doing in town, stay covid-19 free. Do not stigmatize!

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Kindis · 06/24/2020
Good write up laced with advice

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