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Tips every teacher must be aware to adequately prepare pupils for their final exams

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View pictures in App save up to 80% data. The joy of every teacher is to see pupils he or she has taught pass their final exams with distinction.

However this does not only depend on what you teach in the classroom as a teacher but a combination of other factors.

The following are three important key points that every teacher must be aware to ensure pupils performs creditable in their final exams.

1.Preparations before the exams .

Before your pupils sit for their final exams (I)_psyche students that the exams is not difficult but just like the normal exams they write .

(II)_ Provision of the required logistics by parents

(III)_Motivate the pupils to encourage them to learn

(IV)_ Ensure that parents and guardians do not overburden them at home

(V)_ Assist pupils to prepare personal time tables to facilitate their private studies

2.During the exams. These are things that are expected from the candidates during the exams.

(I)The pupils must be seated 30 minutes before the exams. This help to mentally prepare them .

(II)Avoid sending foreign materials into the examination hall.

(III)Pupils must be made aware that cheating in the objective test can be detected by item differential.

(IV)Pupils must be made aware that most answers must be correctly spelt to score (CSTS)

(V)Use the appropriate fundamental and SI units to avoid Marks deductions.

3.After the exams

After the exams, teaches should not discuss the answers with the students rather congratulate them for doing well .

Pupils should be stopped from discussing the papers they have written but rather be made to focus on their next papers.

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