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"You charge GHC200 for just consultation you want to be president" - Ghanaians blast kyirabosom.

AHATANofficial 06/24/2020

View pictures in App save up to 80% data. Ghanaians have always been loving and truthful people through their history.Sofo kyirabosom is known to be a vibrant hero to some people across Ghana.

As an undisputed man of God he has proven to be a trustworthy person.Kyirabosom is mostly known for his journey on demolishing lesser gods and burning down fetish places.

Sofo kyirabosom has asked for the trust of Ghanaians to become a president and this was the shocking answer.

Sofo kyirabosom who is the overseer of Life assembly worship center is also the flagbearer of the Ghana Union Movement (GUM).

Mr kyirabosom who is a politician and at the same time a man of God,have been totally rejected by ghanaians to become the president.

Based on how sofo kyirabosom charges people before he sees them in person,as a pastor thousands of people meets him to share their problems with him both physical and spiritual and seeks out for a favourable answer and a solution.

Ghanaians are currently sitting on a fence and heartbroken and have lost trust in the dominating political parties NPP and NDC.Kyirabosom is currently ghanaians for their trust and it seems the answer is no.

On the other side kyirabosom really deserves a shot as a president of a state.He is a young and kind person and a peaceful young, but old man.He can really turns things around for the better.

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Top Comments
PatrickKotey · 06/26/2020
Can’t wait to vote for him or u think posts like dis will change our minds jx wait nd see
GUEST_9QxWvwaZX · 06/25/2020
Those who don't charge, are even dengros
GUEST_9QxWvwaZX · 06/25/2020
There is nothing rong with the changing people for consultation.

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