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We will support Ghana in the fight against covid-19 - Chinese ambassador.

Jaradmoxley20 06/24/2020

The Chinese government has promised to help Ghana fight the deadly pandemic this was said by the outgoing Chinese ambassador. He said very soon China and Ghana would be a covid-19 free countries. They have helped us in many ways including the provision of PPE's and realeasing of funds to the government to help fight the pandemic, this news has made most Ghanaian's happy because it seemed that they is no hope of the government even providing termometor guns and PPE's but now it would be in aboundance for nurses and doctors to be safe whiles treating patient's. This would reduce the death rate among Frontline workers. View pictures in App save up to 80% data.

The fight against covid-19 is battle which seems Ghana would eventually win the fight against covid-19. The president shown his appreciate to the ambassador for such good deeds by them towards Ghana. This has made the health sectors and the third years students happy because the delay in the distribution in the PPE's, because they would receive it soon.

Source: opera.com
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