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There's Juju In Your House, You Have Dirty Money - Baby Mama Reveals The Source Of Agyapong's Money!

Mrexclusive 06/25/2020

Baby mother of Kennedy Agyapong little girl he guarantees is a medication junkie and a whore has stood up for the subsequent time; impacted and reviled the Member of Parliament for saying he won't pardon their kid. 

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Moira Dawson-Williams, child mom of Hon. Kennedy Agyapong has gone wild on him for the subsequent time. The lady is distraught at the administrator for guaranteeing that he won't pardon Anell for dropping out of school in the wake of spending tremendously on her and furthermore being a 'prostitute'. 

That was much after they were sorry to him during Father's Day festivity. 

Anell argued to be given the additional opportunity to demonstrate herself qualified to be considered Ken Agaypong's girl. 

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In a profound message, she composed: 

"My waywardness has become the reason for your mocking, which can discolor your respectability and picture, and I beg your pardoning. I've settled on better options now and will proceed to. 

Please Daddy, on the off chance that one day you despite everything discover me commendable as your little girl, benevolently show leniency toward me and convey me from myself. 

Love Always, Anell." 

Showing up on Atinka TV's foundation in a past meeting, the Member of Parliament for the Assin Central Constituency reacted to his own little girl's letter. 

He said he blames her for nothing. Besides, he accepts his little girl is currently developed and has a real existence to live. 

Kennedy Agyapong expressed that it is highly unlikely he is going to pay for the school expenses of Anell and that to do as such, he will rather go through the cash to 'slash' and ashawo contaminated with the HIV/AIDS infection. 

That has enraged his child mom Moira Dawson-Williams. 

Moira said she never needed to apologize to him yet she had to by individuals closer to Ken. She added that they didn't apologize to him for a re-beginning of his protective obligation yet rather, they did that to make 'minor' harmony. 

She reviled Hon. Kennedy Agyapong with a white and earthy colored egg before including that the agent brought in filthy cash.


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GUEST_5LvqnvEQB · 06/27/2020
you this people who are insulting her knows that ken has leave with her in the same room before? think before you comment
DeuterWilliamsLamptey · 06/28/2020
Kennedy u see urself,after all u can't settle ur own house problem
DeuterWilliamsLamptey · 06/28/2020
If he is sick Kennedy too is sick,show me ur friend and I will show u......
MarkAmankwaMark · 06/28/2020
this woman is sick

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