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NAPO, Dan Botwe Under Isolation At UGMC: When Did The Protocols Change?

DennisOptymyst 06/24/2020

The news of two top Ghana government officials, that is, Mr. Daniel Kweku Botwe, the Minister for Regional Reorganisation & Integration, and Dr. Matthew Opoku Prempeh, the Minister for Education, self isolating at the University of Ghana Medical Centre (UGMC) in Accra occurred to me as a nightmare. What is going on in this country? When did the protocols governing isolations and treatments change?

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Mr. Dan Botwe

The reasons for showing amazement at this news is very obvious for those who know what the usual protocols are. To start with, all citizens have not been given the privilege to undergo voluntary testing. But for a Minister of state, that is not something which is too much to ask. However, after someone had tested for the virus and awaiting result, the usual protocol is to self isolate at a very safe place where there can be no 'red flags' raised by citizens for endangering their own lives or that of others.

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Dr. Matthew Opoku Prempeh

The University of Ghana Medical Centre (UGMC) is one center strictly dedicated for the treatment of COVID-19 positive patients. So it is extremely strange if not surprising, to suggest that these ministers of state are self isolating and awaiting their test results at a "red zone", a facility which only COVID-19 patients are kept. We are reliably informed that their test results are not in yet. If that source should be trusted, then why are our ministers putting themselves in a more risky situation? If they don't see this as a risk, then this question must be asked; when did the protocols change?

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Press statement from Mr. Dan Botwe confirming his isolation at UGMC.

This is a disease which doctors with full Personal Protective Equipments (PPEs) had contracted and died. So if it was by personal decision of these ministers to risk their lives in this manner, then much cannot be said about it. Otherwise, if the COVID-19 management team decided to keep them there, then they have a lot of explanation to give Ghanaians. Mr. Dan Botwe is said to have reported at the facility last Saturday. How long does it take to know the result, especially in the case of a minister of state? We have been reliably informed that there is no backlog of cases so test results take less than 48 hours to be ready. If indeed Mr. Botwe feels unwell as the statement by Okere Constituency MP seems to suggest, is the UGMC the place to visit? Is there something the authorities are hiding from Ghanaians? If they are, how does this help in the fight against the so called 'stigmatization'?

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Press Release by Secretary to Education Minister, confirms NAPO is undergoing a second test for COVID and decided to self isolate at UGMC

The Deputy PRO for the Minister of Education, Mr. Kwasi Obeng-Fosu, told Onua TV Wednesday, June 24, that Hon. Opoku Prempeh went for voluntary testing and as a medical doctor he did not want to mingle so he decided to self isolate, and this has been confirmed by a press release by the Education Ministry. Incredible! What is happening in this country? Why will the minister decide to put himself at risk? Is this not the action that keep some citizens wondering and doubting if this pandemic is indeed real at all? When did the usual protocols change to allow for self isolation in a treatment center?

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Yes, you are right to say that there are more questions than answers, because our leaders are failing us. They are keeping us in the dark. They are telling us that when it comes to the 'top officials' the rules are different. They showed that when they arrested the pastor who decided to worship during the restriction on public gathering. What happened to the 'top officials' who broke the rules during the just ended NPP parliamentary primaries. What is bad is indeed supposed to be bad anytime, anywhere, else I would always be motivated to ask; when did the protocols change?

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