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Only Fake Artists Will Envy My Story - Shatta Wale.

OfficiallyBlack 06/25/2020

View pictures in App save up to 80% data. Charles Nii Armah popularly known as Shatta wale has described those envying his success has fake and lazy musicians.

The no nonsense musician who has always been in the news for the wrong reasons has fired his haters again by calling them the destroyers of Ghana music , According to Shatta Wale he wouldn't be surprised if these people don't actually understand what showbiz really means. These are the people who think they know everything about music but in a nutshell they are the ignorant ones , only trying to throw dust into the eyes of the fans. Music is bigger than any artist in Ghana .

Shatta wale who believe most musicians in Ghana don't like him because they think they came before him, make hits before him but he currently living bigger than them . Sometimes it is a mistake for a cockroach to call the fowl a match.

He further went on to state that if all musicians in Ghana will agreed to his philosophy and method of working , they would have made it big together, but most of the broken musicians will be like when did Shatta Wale come , how much you got .He teased.

Shatta advised Ghanaian musicians to learn the ways of showbiz because as artist you don't don't need music alone to make money . Showbiz involve how you use your creative mind to make money for your self.

He concluded by advising the upcoming Artists to learn the footsteps of the successful one and again from the struggling ones too. Because in life , you have to learn all the ways , Master them all , forget them all and them learn your own way . That is how music work.

Shatta Wale is currently one of the artists with the biggest fan base both in Africa and the world as a whole.

Source: opera.com
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