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Confusion Rocks Attorney General And The NDC Over Who Won The Supreme Court Case

PeterSocrates 06/25/2020

The Supreme Court ordered the Electoral Commission earlier today to accept the old voter ID card in the new compilation of the voters register according to the General Secretary of the NDC.

The NDC had consistently kicked against the refusal of the Electoral Commission to accept the cards on the grounds that it is invalid because a lot of people have the card while they shouldn't have it.

According to the Joy News Court correspondent who was in court, he said “the court granted the NDC’s relief two and three but in giving the order it said the exercise should take place in compliance with CL 91 and 126 as amended. That’s what’s causing the confusion now."

The case in question was filed by the National Democratic Congress and one Tanyi Banson. The court yesterday, dismissed an "amicus curiae" application filed by IMANI Africa and some other civil society organizations on the grounds that the groups were not "neutral". Another reason for the dismissal was that they filed the applications at a time when the court was almost near delivering its ruling on the case.

Meanwhile, there is still confusion over what the Supreme Court ruling meant. While the General Secretary of the NDC claimed the court ruled in its favour, the AG has disagreed. The parties are currently at the premises of the court waiting for the written order of the court for more clarity on the matter.

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Source: opera.com
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Top Comments
+233-24448**** · 06/25/2020
so the clearity order is not yet out after and yet every body claiming victory what a funny country
IbrahimPrah · 06/25/2020
is aseidu Nketia a lawyer y he didn't allowed their lawyer to do the talking
GUEST_xB3qmkwRN · 06/25/2020
As usual, there he goes again. When lawyers are not clear on what the SC has stated, Asiedu Nketiah has already told the world their claim has been upheld by the court. You see how he usually behaves.
+233-24476**** · 06/25/2020
If lawyers can't understand does it mean no one will understand then those who didn't understand should go back to school

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