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Address to the Nation: Elections Must Take Place Come December 2020

Useful-Insights 06/29/2020

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The president has addressed the nations again.This is the 14th time the president is addressing the nation. This time he has spoken much on the upcoming December 7, 2020 Elections. According to the president, some people are of the view that the elections should be put on hold because to the COVID -19, so that when the pandemic is over, the elections can take place.

This he said it is impossible, as the constitution demands that a president should be chosen when his four-year term expires. The elections must take place amidst the covid – 19.

He also said the Supreme Court has passed judgment on the compilation of the new voters register.

He urges every Ghanaian to go out there and register for the upcoming elections. “if you are 18 years and above should go and register, if you do not register now you cannot vote in the December Elections” he stressed

Source: opera.com
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