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Prophet Naakwa Isaac Fights His Junior Pastor For Dating His 4 Girlfriends Church

ComTett 06/25/2020

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Host of Net 2TV 's The Seat, Kweku Annan has alleged that Prophet Naakwa Isaac and one of his junior pastors, Rabbi are currently quarreling over 4 female church members.

According to him, the quarrel between the two Men of God came up due to the fact that the two of them are dating the same 4 ladies in the church.

As a matter of fact, Naakwa Isaac does not understand why his junior pastor should be having intimacy the same ladies that he is dating and having intimacy with.

Kweku Annan mentioned the names of these four women as Gloria, Gifty,Efe and Piki who is said to be staying at Tema.

 Because of this, Rabbi has been stopped from hosting his programmes on Dream TV and Jericho TV which are all ownwd by Naakwa Isaac.

Naakwa Isaac is also not in good terms with Rabbi because he did not prompt him before leaving for Nigeria to consult his occultic master.

Source: opera.com
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Top Comments
NãNãKwãkuOppöngKyêkyêku · 06/27/2020
womanizer pastors and prophets .
cindywan · 06/26/2020
pls stop giving them that pastor title
stone_boy · 06/25/2020
that means the ladies there are very cheap, just like rolling stone that never gathers moss
+233-024040**** · 06/25/2020
ahhh! won't these people give us a peace of mind? everyday, if not this pastor has done this, but that pastor did that. why?

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