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Shatta Bandle Gets A Huge Dog Angry As He Brags With Bundle Of Cash; Dog Chases Him Off

ComTett 06/24/2020

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Diminutive-looking Shatta Bundle has not been so vibrant on the showbiz scene for sometime.

However, an attempt by him to show off a little on social media has delivered him into a dilemma.

Shatta Wale was spotted in a video on social media trying to show off with some bundles of Ghana Cedis.

Unfortunately for him, as he tried moving around, he came face-to-face with a huge dog.

Sensing danger, Shatta Bandle tried running away from the dog, but his 'long' legs couldn't aid him in the process.

The huge dog started chasing Shatta Bandle as he helplessly tried to escape and seek refuge somewhere.

It was at that point the video was cut short. It's not known if the dog was successful in grabbing Shatta Bandle or he managed to escape.

The hope is that Shatta Bandle would be back on social media to disclose what exactly happened to him with respect to the huge dog.

Source: opera.com
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