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Breaking News: Tremors In Parts Of Accra

Acestar 06/24/2020

Just recently, the earth shook and I could feel it shaking severely. Around Accra, in one of its suburbs there were tremors. People have felt the tremor and there is panic.

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It is a very large tremor, I mean similar to earth quaking only that it is not severe. It has occurred twice now and only God knows what is the cause.

Mining activities could be the cause of this earth tremor who knows. Some are afraid and are wondering what is occurring. Only those who know it is a tremor are aware of it.

It is surprising that it occurred in this part of Accra which is really rare and shocking. What is the effect of this earth shake.

Some say it might not be a tremor but a seismic activity in the core of the earth around the area. At first, I thought it was disturbance from above but the second time my bone shifted.

We pray to God that all is well and we should surrender. I can't say what is the end of this but it should be well for us all.

Source: opera.com
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Top Comments
GUEST_WW35B13LD · 06/24/2020
seriously happened
+233-550652***** · 06/25/2020
I don’t care what can happen can happen we are tired under Akufo Addo so make we all die and go
Old-Soldier · 06/25/2020
Yes it happened three times in Ablekuma area in fact it was soo powerful and the land has shacking very well I taught it was Jesus that was coming. Let's us all repent.
NanaLord · 06/24/2020
Yes it very serious at Weija area. God please help us.

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