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Opinion: Why John Dramani Mahama would take the seat from the president.

Jaradmoxley20 06/24/2020

The National Democratic Congress (NDC) seems to have played their cards well and have chosen the right promises that Ghanaian's are in need of . They have also proved to be law abiding citizens indeed, the flagbearer of the NDC has come out to the its people that they would abid by the decision of the supreme court and so if it goes against them all members should come in their numbers to register if accepted by the court. The Ghanaian health sector is weak and most Ghanaian's wished they had hospitals in every district so as general hospitals in every region to promote health care. This is the promise made by the president to be John Dramani Mahama. View pictures in App save up to 80% data.

The free senior high school initiative was a good idea though but it would be better if the challenges facing teachers and students are solved and the challenge is the double track system. This system has not been a favorite to all teachers at all so the NDC has promised to solve this issue. Back on healthvthe provision of the ship hospital would also make the NDC take the seat because this is what every fisherman has been wishing for.

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