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Meet the slowest player in the world. FIFA 20

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The slowest player in EA Sports game, " FIFA 20 " is Union Magdalena shot - stopper, Horacio Ramirez, who has an acceleration rating of 14, which means he lags behind polish goalkeeper, Milosz Mleczko, who has a sprint of 11, but his acceleration is, 34.

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Who really is Horacio Ramirez?

Horacio Martin Ramirez Esquivel, is an Argentine Goalkeeper, who played in the Argentine Primera Division, with club Atletico Lanus, Crucero del Norte, and Quilmes Atletico Club. He is currently, 36 years of age, born on 21st March, 1984. His current club, however is Club Almagro.

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Horacio played youth football with Luz y Fuerza, before his former coach, Ruben Kleyser, signed him into a pro contract, with a Primera Division club, called, Lanus.

He couldn't feature regularly for Lanus, due to this, he decided to join, Club Social y Deportivo Flandria, where he made a number of, 40 appearances, this was due, in the 2001 - 2008 Primera B Metropolitana Season.

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He might not be fast but, his job isn't really to run, this is because he is a goalkeeper, and he is to stay in between the poles, and make some dives, preventing the ball from entering the back of the net.

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