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Kennedy Agyapong Discloses Why Prophet Badu Kobi, Obinim and Nigel Sleeps With Women before Church Service

Useful-Insights 06/24/2020

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Prophet Badu Kobi, Obinim and Nigel Gaisie Sleeps With Women to gain powers before Church Service, Kennedy Agyapong Alleges.

Kennedy Agyapong is on the hot seat again. This time he discloses how Prophet Badu Kobi, Angel Obinim and Nigel Gaisie get their powers from. The outspoken MP alleges that the aforementioned Men Of God sleeps with women before each church service. This enable them to gain powers and what they say will come to pass.

Here are excerpts from the video:

“The time the congregation is waiting for Nigel Gaisie to commence church service is the time he sleeps with woman. The woman will explain why Nigel Gaisie sleeps with women before he goes to preach. Prophet Badu Kobi too is the same thing, he uses handkerchief to clean up after sex, and Angel Obinim has a similar story.

Even Nigel Gaisie uses ring to finger women. When he finishes he leaks the under of the women and whatever he will say will happen. So if you happen to sleep with them, it is not love but a way to gain powers to fake miracles”

Watch the video below:

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FrederickOsei-tutu · 06/25/2020
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