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The Horror Of Marrying An Impotent Man

Glady-B 2d

View pictures in App save up to 80% data. We were both members of the same Church but we worshipped in different Assemblies. We met at a Church Convention. He proposed and we exchanged our cellphone numbers. Since my answer to the proposal was positive,he promised to come to see my Pastor.

My heart jumped into my mouth when he whispered ,I will marry you,into my ears.True to his words he came.

After some interactions, the Pastor suggested Medical Examination. He refused it and I also joined. On our own chosen dates, we organized the Traditional, Ordinance and Church Marriage.

That night, he said he was too tired for any Bedroom Activities. Early hours of the next day he started Morning Devotion that carried him to about 6am.The next evening saw him reading the Bible; just after supper.In the night he advised me to sleep whilst he holds an all-night to ask for God's blessings for our fresh marriage.

On the third day I drew closer to him and touched him. He looked into my eyes and said "I hope I have not married a harlot". Quickly, I drew back. It continued like that till the honey Moon was over.

Immediately he left for Kumasi without me. The next day I followed. He received me gladly and introduced me to his Landlord, cotenants and friends. Nights and days were spent as previous.

After one week he packed out when I was out on Hawking. He left a message that he has got a better job in Nsawam so I should follow up in a month's time.

As scheduled, I joined him in Nsawam. Life was same. I was getting worried so after a month's stay in Nsawam, I woke him up one night to quiz him to know what the problem was.The answer was' I hope I have not married a harlot'". Then he slept off.

We were in Nsawam for about six months of Bed starvation.He began accusing me of seeing men behind him. Sometimes when I go out to market or attend any program and come home happy, he will ensure he provoked and beat me.

Finally, he deserted me in Nsawam without any message. Some friends later hinted that he is in Tema.

It has been five years since he left. Should I continue to wait?, All together we have been married for almost Seven years without Bedroom Activities, am I married?

What shall I do??.

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Top Comments
GUEST_R0ZA1gay5 · 06/27/2020
Just leave him and get married to a different man quickly
GUEST_PYezRN36P · 06/27/2020
This is no martiage. See his family and return his drinks snd go for some active bular to enjoy
FlorenceAmonoo · 06/27/2020
Oh my lady your socalled husband is a big fool .with so many remedies around what is he waiting for Divorce him immediately and SUE him for deception and wasting your time for seven "bad"years
GUEST_9OWRBY4M1 · 06/25/2020
Advice yourself and get married

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