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Everything you need to know about the current trend on Twitter, "don't leave me challenge".

Tuffour$amuel04FavouriteGuY 06/26/2020

#dontleavemechallange which is currently trending on Twitter was started by Josh2funny,a Nigerian comedian using a play on the word "leaf". This challenge is basically about word play. The following are some funny and smart #dontleavemechallenge to spark your day.

- If I pass a store,does that make me a pastor.

- If I try to kill an ant and it tries to elope,does that mean it is antelope.

- If I put a phone on my eyes,does that mean is an iphone? What if I put that same phone on my ear,does it makes it earphone?

- If you ask a Man to Go and take some fruit on a tree,does it means he is going to MANGO tree?

- I have passed through life's test and am now I am now testing money,does it means I can give testimony.

- If I take your cats on a walk and eats a fish on a road. Can I name it catfish?

- If my master uses a piece of chalk to draw,does it mean he's a masterpiece.

- If I take my cat for a walk,does it mean catwalks.

- If I am watching a gif,whilst drinking tea,does that make me Gifty.

- What if I take some nuts and put inside a well,will you say am not well?

- One guy stole something, nobody caught him. It is only God that caught him, because God is the only one who sees us(scissors)

- If my CV is full of lies,does that mean I am civilized.

- I have a pan,I put cake into it,I get pancake.

- This tea and this is my mobile,I now have T-Mobile.

- He is a fool and that is a stop signpost, making him full stop.

- look at ha,if I carry ha,what is it, Career.

- If you mess and I see,does it makes me Messi.

This is my heart,I take pencil and break into two. Am getting........?

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