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Ghanaians Mpotompoto and Nigerian yam porridge(Asaro)

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Mpotompoto is a Ghanaian cuisine made from yam or coco yam . Nigerians call it yam porridge ( Asaro) . It is cooked with blend of tomatoes , onions, palm oil and pepper .

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Yam is a tuber of vegetable that is origin from Africa and South America. 

Yam is a big thing in Nigeria community since they produce 71% of yam to the world. Having a lot of yam in Nigeria means having wealth since you’ll be able to feed your family. 

Here are the different ways people from Nigeria and Ghana cook this food .

1. Mpotompoto (Ghana):


1. Yam .

2. Onions. 

3. Tomatoes.

4. Pepper. 

5. Fish. 

6. Palm oil .

7. Water. 

8. Salt to taste.

9. Salted fish ( kobi).


1. Peel and cut yam into medium sized chunk( you can also cut it into smaller pieces if you want to make it have the porridge- like look ).

2. Wash the cut yam several times after cutting it .

3. Cut your vegetables. That is the onions , tomatoes , peppers .

4. Place the yam in a sauce pan together with the chopped onions and tomatoes .

5. Add water to the sauce pan to cover the content and bring to heat .

6. Wash your salted fish .

7. Add your salted fish to the content 

8. Cook till the ingredients are tender .

9. Remove the tomatoes and onions and put them in a blender. 

10. Wash your pepper(that is if you are not using the red grounded pepper ) and add it to the blender . 

11. Blend all your ingredients together.

12. Pour the blended ingredients to the yam on fire.

13. Add salt to the mixture ( you can add some maggi cubes to make it more tasty )

14. Whiles waiting for your mpotompoto to thicken you can cut another set of onions 

15. Get your red oil in a sauce pan and add your new cut onions to it. 

16. Fry your onions for sometime ( you can add salted fish and fry everything together ) .

17. Pour your fried onions with the palm oil in the thickened yam and mix it together .

18. You can add sardines or mackerel to the mixture ( optional ).

19. Put fire on low heat for 2 minute and mash the yam while at it .

20. Your food is ready . Mpotompoto can be eaten alone or with some chilled coke or malt .

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1. The quantity of water added to Mpotompoto really matters . Don’t add a lot of water or too little water , you should know you’re preparing yam porridge, you wouldn't like it when it is too light or too thick .

2. It’s advisable to use fresh palm oil . Stale palm oil will ruin the taste of the yam porridge when used.

3. It is also advisable to use little spices since the yam is already sweet . You would not want another thing over shadowing the taste of the yam porridge .

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Nigeria way of making it :

Nigeria way of making it is basically the same but they actually make the sauce differently before adding it to the yam 

They make ordinary sauce with the palm oil , opinions , tomatoes and pepper then add the sauce to the boiled yam . 

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