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A Sangoma explains the meaning of different color candles and how they should be used: Fiction

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We usually see different colour candles in shops and most people know that they are often used for spiritual purposes, but most do not what the colours mean or even how or when to use the candles.

According to a Sangoma candles have many and different meanings, so people should be careful which colour candles they use and when, but most importantly for what purpose.

He said if you dream of the blue candle, it means it has something to do with your relatives,the white candle means that things are about to open up for you and the red candle means trouble is coming your way.

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Having a white candle in your home can bring good luck and light to the whole home, so he encourages people to always have a white candle in the house. He said a white candle can also help if there is a shadow in the house as it is meant to deal with forces of the dark.

The red candle in the house can bring bad luck and cause a lot of hatred in the house.

So it is advisable that you always keep a white candle in the house and it is also good to light it when you are praying.

Good luck and keep well.

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JosephSomnandi · 11/9/2020
So what about a yellow candle? Wht does it mean if you dream about it
MirriamDube · 10/27/2020
GUEST_LK2xdP39b · 10/25/2020
I'm done with candles cz its confusing me now really☺
idaSiyobi_01 · 10/25/2020
don't know what to believe anymore 🙄

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