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#EndSARS: Nnamdi Kanu Exposes Identity of Masked Armed Thugs Shooting People In Lokoja

Tori News 10/26/2020

Identities of notorious armed men who stormed Lokoja and killed people have been exposed.

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IPOB leader, Nnamdi Kanu

Masked men who invaded Lokoja and killed innocent people have been exposed by Nnamdi Kanu, the leader of the separatist group, the Indigenous People of Biafra, IPOB.

The identity of the masked men were exposed on Monday morning by the IPOB leader.

According to Kanu, the masked men are Middle Belt freedom fighters who would liberate the region from alleged Fulani captivity.

Recall that masked armed thugs took over the Kogi State capital, Lokoja, shooting indiscriminately into the air

The attack had occurred around 9:30am, at the zone eight area, down to Ganaja junction, Paparanda square, old market road, Nataco.

The hoodlums were reported to have operated freely in a Sienna bus while restaurants and banks shut down operations following the chaos.

An anonymous man was also reported to have been hit by a stray in his shop located around the Total Filling Station area, close to NEPA office in Lokoja town.

And in reaction to the report, Kanu wrote on Facebook , “To me, they are Middle Belt freedom fighters trying to shake off centuries of Fulani wickedness and subjugation.

“They think men are joking. Nigeria will never be the same again after this revolution. Years of police and army brutality has taught Nigerian youths that resistance is the only option.”

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Top Comments
AdeshinaFataiFas · 10/26/2020
Nnamdi Kanu has a mental Problem.. So he needs not to be taken serious
GUEST_Kv0gkVE55 · 10/26/2020
The masked boys are IPOB boys. There is nothing like middle belt freedom fighters in the central part of Nigeria. Tell Igbo IPOB to stop causing panic in Kogi state. Kogi state and North Central as a whole is not aggitating for any separate state therefore has no reason to be shooting
GUEST_x3JXq2kwv · 10/26/2020
It is very unfortunate that criminal, this scoundrel, this terrorist has gone mad. Afaraukwu Ibeku people of Umuahia, Abia State, are you not aware your son has gone crazy. Sorryooooo.
ChikeOseiKing · 10/26/2020
kalu is a man. He was the first person who told us that Buhari was dead. True talk or false? Therefore he is bigger than that useless article.

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