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Stop doing these 5 things with your gas, you could risk your life

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Gas as we all know is very deadly when misused and as so, lots of kitchen safety tips have flooded the internet. However, despite these prevention tips, gas users still fail to adhere to simple warnings.

While some explosions happen due to risks the user knowingly carries out with his gas, others happen out of complete ignorance; that is why, in this article, I'll be listing out 5 things you do with your gas, that could be risking your life.

1. Filling your gas cylinder to the brim:

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Filling your gas cylinder to the brim simply means overfilling gas into your cylinder. While most people perform this act out of ignorance, others accept the risk of explosion and still fill their cylinder to the brim just so the gas duration should last longer.

It is bad and highly risky to fill up your cooking cylinder to the brim, reason being that LPG naturally expands and so cylinders are supposed to be filled to about 80 to 85 percent leaving the rest of the percentage to take care of the expansion.

2. Shaking your gas cylinder:

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Most people shake their gas cylinders so as to determine the left over quantity of gas remaining in the said cylinder. However, what most people don't know is that excessive shaking of gas cylinder is completely wrong - reason being that when the cylinder holding the gas can no longer contain the pressure inside it due to the high temperature generated by excessive shaking, the result might lead to an explosion.

Rather than shaking, if you really need to know what's left of your gas, I'd advise you wet a side of the cylinder with water. After a while, the used top part will be dry and the lower part with gas will remain wet. The wet portion tells you the amount of gas left. or better still, you can just get a measuring regulator.

3. Place cylinder outside your house:

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Most people take the risk of keeping their gas cylinders indoor despite warnings. It's very wrong to store your cylinder inside your house -reason being that LPG is dangerous if getting leaked inside a room. That is, Incase of any undetected leak, the slightest fire ignition may result in an explosion.

It's best to keep your cylinders outside your apartment and away from direct sunlight, combustion material, and fuel.

3. Rubber tubes:

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These little neglected rubber tubes found just inside the opening of a gas cylinder are as deadly as they are effective - reason being that, these rubbers serve as extra blockages from gas leaks. That is, without these rubbers your cylinder may leak (if you have a bad valve) and if the leakage is undetected, an explosion may occur due to any fire ignition.

It's best and safe to check your cylinder when refilling your gas to see if the rubber is properly intact and okay. If you find and deform in the rubber tube, it's most advisable to change it immediately.

4. Keep gas bottle upright at all times:

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To help ensure the proper operation of the Pressure Relief Valve, keep your gas cylinder standing upright at all times reason being that If cylinder is placed in any other position other than upright, liquid LPG may gush out of the open valve creating a dangerous situation.

It is advisable to keep your cylinders upright and secured in place by a chain (or any other restraining material)

5. Managing the flames

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The flame in gas stoves can be controlled easily by turning the knob between low, medium, or high. Make sure the flames never reach out from under the pot, as that may expose your fingers to the heat.

It is essential that the burners are turned on only while cooking. Leaving the flame unattended to while not cooking may lead to accidents or fire hazards. If the spark does not light up as soon as the burner is turned on, you must turn it off and wait for a few seconds before trying again


Those are my 5 tips that may help you if you are using a cooking gas.

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If there is any other tip you think should be in the list, please ensure to educate others in the comments section below

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GUEST_qjGV7Yg4l · 10/5/2020
How do you advice someone who lives in a 2storey building on where to keep his/Her cylinder if not in the kitchen
oyetundeoluwasegun · 10/6/2020
Someone living in two story should keep the LPG cylinder at the of the kitchen exit route. Also do not receive calls beside the gas cylinder when in use as it may lead to explosion if there is any leakage.
GUEST_ZDZWz4DpO · 10/6/2020
Filling gas cylinder to the brim...Mmmn....Am I the one refilling it?
GUEST_XQjO4Xpjn · 10/5/2020
Thanks for the update

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