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Don’t kill Me: I Am Ready To Confess, Thug Sent To Disrupt Abuja Protest Begs Nigerian Youths 10/20/2020

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Abuja End SARS protesters has this evening apprehended one of the miscreants sent to disrupt the peaceful demonstrations of Nigerian youths, the incident happened today along Airport Road area of Abuja. After several cars were reportedly burnt in Apo Area by the thugs on rampage.

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According to Alfa Enejoh who reported from the protest ground, The thugs came to scatter the process set on motion by the youths who’re hell-bent on asking for accountability in governance.

According to Mr Alfa Enejoh, the Miscreant begged the enraged protesters not to kill him as he is ready to confess the rationale behind his decision to attack the youths who’re on the road demonstrating thier grievances against the Buhari led administration.

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As the time of filing this report, some of the protesters are still standing to listen to his confession before they decide his fate.

At the moment, the protest ground is filled with thousands Youths, some of them who spoke to Our correspondent argued that, they’re ready to sleep over and continue today.

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Top Comments
GUEST_ajLOAmAp1 · 10/20/2020
Let add to the demand is too small. Let ask government to announced the new fuel price of fuel to be No.85# immediately and give Nigeria free Light for 1yrs without NEPA bill . and anytime u see NEPA staff on ur door asking u for NEPA bill beat him off. This should happen in 48 hours to enable listening to compasation .. if this government has accept that they are wrong..or let military take over Nigeria for three month and there after we we create new constitution and democracy
GUEST_PEknNj3ON · 10/20/2020
Let Nigeria government remove custom from our highway and also and put age limit to political appointment from 25 to 65
AnnaAni_01 · 10/21/2020
Let politicians reduce their salaries,and let Nigerian law be for every body not for poor only
GUEST_YKrJjYapd · 10/20/2020
What was his confession

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