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Opinion: The Boy Who Carted Away The Staff Of Oba Should Do These Two Things And Be Great Forever

Teecomplex 10/28/2020

They Boy That Carted Away With The Staff Of Oba Should do this and be great forever.

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Well people have been wondering why the king's palace was looted, let me explain why;

He was an ex-police officer: View pictures in App save up to 80% data.

These some of the reasons why his people was angry with him. He never took any action about the police brutality his people cry about, he keeps mute and turn deaf ears to his people about #EndSARS Protest. Many thinks it's because he was an ex-policeman and doesn't want to be against them.

After high school he served for 32 years in the Nigeria Police Force, entering the force in 1970. He served in various capacities, was promoted to assistant inspector-general of Police in 1999, and was active until his retirement in 2002.

He's More Into Politics Than King's Agendas:

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As a king you ought to get more include with your kin than being include in things like governmental issues, yet on account of this specific ruler it's different. He get himself more into legislative issues than ruler's plan. He was not even at his castle when he was assaulted to legitimize this, he was in an obscure spot when his people where killed and in crisis for quite a long time. 

A genuine King will report home quickly when he hears his district isn't settled. In the event that he was at his Palace his place will never be plundered, he would've converse with irate adolescents and calm them down. 

CACOVID-19 Palliatives Was Found In His Palace: 

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View pictures in App save up to 80% data. This palliative discovered in his home was intended to be shared to his people during the pandemic, however because of his egotistical nature he didn't share it. However heaps of this Palliatives was found in his home. This added to outrage of the individuals that lead them to loot his castle. 

In ancient days, base on various clans. In the event that a ruler staff of power disappears without a condition of possibly the place was burnt and fails to discover it within some restricted time. 

This are things that could occur for the lord: 

• HE LOST HIS RESPECT: Since he has been put in the mug by his kin, he has lost his regard. A castle that generally be where everybody regard and honor however was destroy with dread. For somebody to be bold enough to cart away the staff of ruler that shows no regard to the King 

After to looting the spot for quite a long time individuals didn't leave the place, later some little children was since swimming in the king's's castle. 

DEATH: In certain clans if the Oba staff disappears without; War occurring, castle been burnt or the ruler's staff of power old to be replaced. The ruler probably won't live past 7days to 41 days relying upon the precursors. 

DETHRONED: In certain clans the lord may be punished by dethroning him and supplanted by the following due person, for lacking accountability. 

The Oracle may arrange the cleric to oust the ruler in light of the fact that the gods his furious with him 

LACK AUTHORITY: If a lord is without his staff of power, he can't control or make order to any single soul. His capacity as a ruler as been ridiculed.

Here Are Things That Boy Could Do Either Way And Be Great:

1• He should return the Staff Of Authority and apologize, bring his family along and some elders so he could be forgiven.

2• He could could take a drastic action by choosing his cabinets and replace the Oba, if the Oba fails to find his Staff Of Authority. Since the has the staff of authority, that one of the attribute of a king.

Even the Lagos ruling house gave grace of 24 hours, yet over 72hours nothing as happen. We saw lot of photos of priest carry out sacrifices for the person who carted the king's staff yet no harm. That shows the gods isn't happy with the king.

According to my above points, I think the boys who carted away with the Staff Of The King should replace the Current Oba since he has been with the Staff for days and the gods aren't angry with him. That a great sign that the gods is happy with him because we've not seen repercussions of taking the staff of a king.

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Twitter's User Teases about the missing staff;

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Do you agree the boy who carted away with the king's staff should be crowned the new Oba Of Lagos? Or he should apologize?

Let know your opinion in the comments section.

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Top Comments
OnyeoseFrankline · 10/28/2020
please stop calling him boy before the gods get angry with you ,he is authomatically the new oba of Lagos since he has the staff of office.
GUEST_VvEaRy6Pa · 10/28/2020
Let the boy be the new oba
GUEST_pnVqelNm2 · 10/28/2020
What Ibos will cause in this country, I doubt if they will be able to withstand it,.
GUEST_4JjjOvv49 · 10/28/2020
Haha see insult I thought you said you're powerful before, where is now your power yeye people. God is not happy with you the only solution is to seek for his forgiveness...... Nothing I still repeat nothing will happened to that guy...... This is a great sign of end of all things in life....... Be careful God is ONE

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