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Daughter stabs mother to death for sleeping with her husband.

Sihlengadlela26 10/20/2020

View pictures in App save up to 80% data. A 28 years of age woman distinguished as Mrs Ifeoluwa Fehintola has allegedly admitted for wounding her Mother , Ruth shodeya to death after she found mother engaging in sexual relations with her better half on their marital bed. 

It was assembled that the occurrence occurred in Owode Ede , a network in Osum state where she lives with her. 

The 44 years of age lady visited her little girl to go through the fourteen days Covid-19 lockdown and in the process got explicitly engaged with her little girl's significant other. 

It was further leant that Mrs Shodeya and her child inlaw were allegedly occupied with sex frolic when her little girl , who went to the market to purchase things, returned and got them. 

Load up with rage , the little girl apparently Rushed to the kitchen and took a blade and wounded her mom who drained abundantly and in the long run pronounced dead on appearance a close by clinic where she was raced to for clinical intercession . 

Portraying the occurrence to the police after she was captured and confined Mrs Fehintola told police during cross examination that she commited the wrongdoing of outrage. 

" I went to the market to get some food things yet before I could get back home I met my better half my Mother on our Patrimonial bed. I was irate to such an extent that I went directly to the kitchen to go after a blade. I had needed to execute them both , my better half figure out how to get away yet my Mother could as I wounded her on the chest " I Feoliluwa said. 

She went further : " My Mother has been similar to that since we were little .she goes around with various men. In any event, when my dad was alive , she undermined him. After my dad's demise , she got so offset with her delinquent life that there 's no man she can't permit to lay down with her. I was unable to envision that she will stoop so low to the degree of my better half . She just came to go through about fourteen days stoop so low to the degree of my better half. She just came to go through about fourteen days with us and she has just broken my home for me.

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princeamobi_01 · 10/20/2020
please please please bros i don dey warn you to stop this yeye useless engish
[email protected] · 10/20/2020
why is the write up not edited? This is not Nigerian English. It is annoying to read this trash as English, so sad.
patrickajayi · 10/20/2020
The writer has a poor English construction and he should go back to school.
BettyObasuyi_03 · 10/20/2020
same experience with my younger sister

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