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REST IN PEACE HEROES: See Photos Of Identified Protesters Killed During Lekki Shooting (PHOTOS)

Charming_Mike 10/21/2020

Shockwaves were sent throughout the country following the reported deadly shooting of #EndSARS protesters at the Lekki Toll gate, Lagos State Tuesday night by Nigerian security forces.

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Scores of peaceful protesters were gunned dead as a result of the shooting by armed security forces despite holding Nigerian flags, sitting down and singing the national anthem. Many others were reportedly injured.

Identification of protesters that lost their lives yesterday has began and below are three of the protesters that have been identified so far.

1. Godwin Iraoya

Edo indigene, Godwin Iraoyo was among the unfortunate Nigerians that lost his life yesterday. It is gathered that Godwin hailed from Owan East local government, Edo State. According to eyewitnesses, he was caught by the bullet and he died as a result and could have survived but there was ambulance to take him to hospital.

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2. Tony

Tony until his death was a student of Michael Okpara University of Agriculture Markudi. His last wish as he breathed his last breath was "Let there be peace and unity"

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View pictures in App save up to 80% data. 3. The third victim is a lady that was hit by the bullet shot by Nigerian security forces at Lekki toll gate.

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There are still ongoing efforts to identify others whose lives were cut short while exercising their right and calling for a better Nigeria by the trigger happy Nigerian security forces.

I commiserate with the families of these heroes and I pray to God to grant them the great fortitude to bear these heavy losses and grant the departed souls eternal rest in heaven.

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Source: opera.com
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Top Comments
AyobamiWin · 10/21/2020
To you Buhari and to the soldiers you sent you will not die better the children Aisat had for you will be wasted.you will die a shamefully death in Jesus name,from henceforth your regime will not no peace in Jesus name.All the sickness that God use to plague the Israelites will manifest in you house hold to the 10th generation in Jesus name.
MER-CY · 10/21/2020
As our leaders had hardened their hearts like pharoah of those days, may the calamities and plagues that befall pharoah befall them IJN. Amen
UjunwaACletus · 10/21/2020
God will judge all politicians of Nigerian
GUEST_WGrepXPWy · 10/21/2020
Your blood will cry like the blood Abel

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