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I’m Sorry: I Can’t Do This Anymore - Sammy Gyamfi Sadly Bows Out

NanaKwameBafo 10/29/2020

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Head of the National Democratic Congress (NDC) Communication Burau, Mr. Sammy Gyamfi has indicated that, he is tired of always defending issues which never get solutions.

Mr. Sammy Gyamfi who was in a discussion with NPP’s Sam Payne on Asempa FM’s Ekosii Sen Political Programme indicated that, he is always backing his point on issues with facts, whilst the NPP is determined to churn out propaganda to deceive the ordinary Ghanaian.

Mr. Sammy Gyamfi Noted that, The NPP has since not been able to put a figure on the number of employments they have created so far. He again added that, John Dramani Mahama did not put a freeze on employment as has been widely spread by communicators of the NPP.

“OB I cant do this anymore, I’m sorry, the lies are too much form the NPP. There was nothing like a freeze on employment from IMF under John Dramani Mahama. There was no condition like that at the time. they are lies, and part of NPP propaganda. And even after we left government in 2017, the NPP came to continue.

John Mahama did not sign Ghana to IMF for four years, it was just two years. Akufo Addo continued and even when the COVID 19 broke, Akufo Addo run to the IMF for money. These are all facts, but I don’t know why the NPP communicators want to lie”. Mr. Sammy Gyamfi indicated.

Source: opera.com
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Top Comments
ErnestGyimah_03 · 10/29/2020
A foolish boy following gyimigyimii mahama
DanielOppongAsare · 10/29/2020
what do u know sammy gyamfi u think being a lawer qualifies to know everything. ur master Mahama is talking about free,free, I will do that to NABCO I will do that free education, NHIS is on term premium, loan to people shall be free etc so he could do all that n he intentionally decided not to do that. Go ask ur Mahama why he refused to implement them when he had the opportunity before u come n brag
GUEST_ONnnoEZRp · 10/29/2020
You can't face the truth because your party NDC HATES the TRUTH. You have been spreading lies all the time. It was your party and the leader who told the whole nation that IMF was prevented the govt from employing. That's why MAHAMA SAID HE is not a magician to employ unemployed Ghanaians.
GUEST_Mj6ewx4mW · 10/29/2020
OK tell us one work mahama brought when he was in power

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