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Foreigner repeatedly assaults 12 year old neighbor.

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There is currently a small panic happening over a child trafficking ring involving multiple foreigners, however with this case, the foreigner was a neighbor, which leaves me with many questions.

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A Zimbabwean man has been arrested for allegedly repeatedly raping a twelve year old girl. 

The mother of the child went to RUSA (Reaction Unit South Africa) Headquarters in the Verulam Area seeking assistance. The women lives in a informal settlement and the child is left home alone a lot due to both parents working full time.

On the 24/09/2020 the man had asked the girl to charge his phone, a short while later he called the girl to his room where he allegedly removed her clothing and raped her. The man had warned the child not to tell anyone or he would kill her.

The victim said that in the following say's he made her watch pornographic content before raping her multiple times. Female RUSA agents transported the girl to a district surgeon in Mahatma Gandhi Memorial Hospital (MGMH) and a criminal case was registered, The suspect was thereafter arrested by SAPS Officials from the Family Violence, Child Protection & Sexual Offenses Unit (FCS). 

Source : https://www.facebook.com/ReactionUnitSouthAfrica/photos/a.625094734175791/3710919218926645/

Source : https://www.facebook.com/ReactionUnitSouthAfrica

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Top Comments
GUEST_n9y0q8x2K · 10/8/2020
Well done Malema look at your immigrants doing to the children of South Africa. Let's hope your kids are next
GUEST_RPM6ko98O · 10/9/2020
what abt SA who are raping ad killing women ad children everyday are they nt doing crime????? jas becouse they not foreigners dont be stupid like that wena slima
QuickstarTransport · 10/19/2020
why are we people allowing these heartless people do these crime in our country
GUEST_JdV46rv3R · 10/15/2020
Foreigners took over our ppl and land ..tx to our government..we are strangers in our own land ...

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