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"I Forgot My Pant At One Of My Boyfriend's House, After Stealing His iPhone 11

Legaci 10/28/2020

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Young Nigerian Lady share a her last night story on Facebook. The lady is Identified as Ada, her destiny looks bleak after she has successfully stolen one of her boyfriend's iPhone 11, and remembered that she forgot her pant in his house.

According to her, she has been crying about the pant she left behind because her life depends on it. Word on the street is that most guys driving flashy cars and living in mansions and beautiful houses sacrificed their girlfriends through the use of their pants for money rituals (blood-money).

Ada now feels that her boyfriend will be using her as a sacrifice to the gods for riches, that's the reason she has been crying all day and night.

See image below:

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Top Comments
NelsonNnabuike_01 · 10/28/2020
one Pantimeter makes one Benzimeter
PromiseOkwudiriIkechukwu · 10/28/2020
is called trade by barter
GUEST_5BRnyx78D · 10/28/2020
Animal thief like you, you even deserve to die. Return his phone and collect your pant nah, idiot
GUEST_QG20j2vBm · 10/28/2020
You finish with ENDSARS looting, started stealing from friends. You need deliverance prayer

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