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35-year old woman beaten to death at Santasi, Kumasi. - Kesben FM Confirms

RockyJDJones 10/29/2020

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A 35-year old woman has been mercilessly stripped with canes to death at Kumasi the capital of the Ashanti Region. Madam Janet who is a native of Nandom, the capital of Nandom Municipality of the Upper West Region of Ghana, has been confirmed dead after drunk men raised canes on her for an alleged thievery. Janet lives with her master who operates a drinking bar at Santasi bear the Basic School. 

An undisclosed amount of money went missing in the bar which spark controversies between Janet and her master. Janet who has served her master for over a decade and never stolen from her, confirmed that she took the money to arrest immediate needs her family was going through at Nandom. This called for her master to raise voice on her for stealing. 

Drunk men who were drinking at the bar heard the shouting and immediately took on Janet as a thieve, and pronounced instant justice on her for stealing. While some used canes, others used belts and their palms. Janet collapsed on the scene and the men left her lying on the bare floor. After over thirty minutes of not moving, her master felt sadden and decided to check on her. That was when they knew Janet was dying. They raised water on her to bring her back to life as the traditional approach of attacking collapsed victims is, but Janet couldn't come back to life. 

She was rushed to Hope Exchange Medical Center near Opoku Ware Senior High School in Kumasi for emergency medical assistant. Janet was stabilized upon arrival but was pronounced dead by medical doctor in charge after a day of admission to the hospital. According to Kessben FM reporter Ali Baba who broke the news, the master and her drunk men who initiated the instant punishment on Janet for stealing abandoned her at the hospital after her demise. 

Law abiding citizens who were concerned about the story gave a hint to Kesben FM who investigated and reported the news to the police of Santasi. The master of Janet has been arrested to lead investigations into the case. The body of Janet remains at the Hope Exchange Medical Center mortuary pending further investigation by the police.

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Source: opera.com
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+233-55989**** · 10/29/2020
Asantis are fools
+233-20434**** · 10/29/2020
Blacks can be so wicked to ourselves yet we criticize the whites for killing us with that useless Black life's matter. Is this girl not black or her life doesn't matter, wait and see if any MP or authority will condemn it bcos she is nobody from a poor home.
+233-24708**** · 10/29/2020
aaaaw someone's daughter oooo..aawwoo God hv mercy
GUEST_K7044RoeR · 10/29/2020
The master and the rest must be jailed straight

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