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Lekki Massacre: See What This Man Found Few Days After He Visited Lekki Tollgate (photos)

Marioofficialblog 10/28/2020

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A new video evidence concerning the Lekki massacre has surfaced on the internet after a man whose name is unidentified revealed what he found at days after he visited Lekki tollgate.

Recall that few weeks ago, Nigerian youths across the country embarked on a peaceful #EndSARS protest concerning the constant harassment, extortion and killings of innocent people by SARS officers.

They also protest against all forms of police brutality across the country and also demanded justice for those that were killed by SARS officers.

However, as at 7pm on the 20th of October, 2020, the Nigerian Army stormed Lekki tollgate and began to shoot at peaceful #EndSARS protesters following the order that was giving to them by their boss.

Some people were killed by stray bullet while some innocent protesters were injured at the scene and were rushed to a nearby hospital.

Hours after the incident, the Governor of Lagos state, Babajide Sanwo-Olu in an interview reported that there were no blood stains at Lekki toll gate when he visited the scene.

In a new video evidenced shared by Reno Omokri on Twitter, this man went to the scene few days after to recover the body of his dead friend. View pictures in App save up to 80% data.

While he was searching, another man called him to ask if people truly died during the shooting and he said answered saying “YES” people died.

He took the other man to a spot at Lekki toll gate and showed him blood stains where 4 people were shot dead by the soldiers.

See more photos below:

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Top Comments
GUEST_87JRZpn7q · 10/28/2020
I dont even know who is playing on us anymore. Who do we offend in Nigeria. Even this useless he goat will also be talking. After DJ switch had said the soldiers packed all corpses away, then you said some went to carry his friend corpse. This Reno is Mad
OdemwingiePrecious · 10/28/2020
Enough of all this stories we need fact, until then, hold your peace
AdamGson · 10/28/2020
the post did not make sense
+234-703306**** · 10/28/2020
Have Nigerians seen it? Soldiers are liars, saying that it was photo shopped that they did not shoot anyone. Soldiers have seen what you have done? those Soldiers that killed the Protestants at Lekki Toll Gate will never go unpunished. Never!

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