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Olamide speaks on why he never seems to be about the international run despite local success

Theinfong 10/28/2020

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Nigerian artiste, Olamide Adedeji better known as Olamide or Badoo in a recent interview with Okay Africa opened up on his life and his latest album ”Carpe Diem.”

In one of the interview questions, Olamide who has gained local success was asked why he never seemed to be about the international run.


Olamide said, “I have always been the type with big dreams but trust me, I won’t take shortcuts or chase clout for any reason. Everything I have today was earned genuinely and at the right time. I just always wait for the right time. I always let God take the wheel while I stick to my plans, in my own pace and let things fall in place when it’s time.”

Read the full interview here.

Source: Theinfong
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