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Bad News for Ghanians as Former NDC Parliamentary Candidate dies

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Former National Democratic Congress (NDC) Parliamentary Candidate for Assin South, Sabina Appiah-Kubi, has reportedly passed on.

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The report came from the NDC Central Regional Communications Officer, Kwesi Dawood.

Ms Sabina Appiah-Kubi, a former District Chief Executive (DCE) for Assin South under late President Mills, is said to have died after a short illness.

Full details have not been revealed but later on on will be communicated to all CR-NDC stakeholders in due course, a statement issued by the party in the region says.

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The Assin South Districtis one of the seventeen (17) districts in the Central Region of Ghana Its capital is Nsuaem Kyekyewere.

Death is very painful for the person and also and the family and friends of the person. When your about to die First hunger and then thirst are lost. Speech is lost next, followed by vision. The last senses to go are usually hearing and touch. Whether dying is physically painful, or how painful it is, appears to vary.

Often, the pain of losscan feeloverwhelming. You may experience all kinds of difficult and unexpected emotions, from shock or anger to disbelief, guilt, and profound sadness. The pain of grief can also disrupt your physical health, making it difficult to sleep, eat, or even think straight.

But we have to stay strong although its a painful loss. 

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