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Teacher with Wild Curves Pops Up to Challenge Popular Curvy Police Officer - Photos 10/27/2020

Our professionals are becoming the latest social media sensations. First, a policewoman became a sensation due to her curves and now, a good old teacher has joined the fray.

The teacher is known as Lulu Menziwa, from South Africa.

Menziwa has serious curves which are grabbing headlines all over social media.

This is a kind of teacher who makes students, especially male ones, pay attention in class.

Her photos come out at a time when a Ghanaian policewoman is also making waves due to her ridiculous curves.

Click here to check the policewoman’s contours…check the teacher’s photos below…

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Top Comments
NjangEku · 10/27/2020
The policewoman is so sweet, 4get abt the teacher
Princesskanako · 10/27/2020
Everyone is popping out with wild curves ,me to I go do some 💃
zipporahwiah · 10/29/2020
less busy people hello oooooo
NchimunyaMwiiya · 10/29/2020
we have so many of this kind in Zambia come you will find them

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