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"Ole" Nigerians In France Scream As Tinubu Arrives In France [VIDEO]

odunews.com 10/21/2020

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Following reports that Bola Ahmed Tinubu, APC Chieftain has eloped to France, odunews.com can now confirm that this is a fact.

Nigerians in France has spotted the Politician and the video is currently circulating the media.

Here is the moment Nigerian’s in France were seen shouting “Ole” meaning ‘thief’ at Tinubu as he arrived France. He was escorted by the Police to avoid being beating.

Watch The Video below

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Source: odunews.com
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Top Comments
AkeemMustapha_01 · 10/21/2020
liar ,bloody ipob , Baba Tinubu is here with me in my house for progressive stakeholders' meeting . Gomoranian journalist
GUEST_2K6g4gjyl · 10/21/2020
Everything about Tinubu is jealousy and envy from PDP in Nigeria and Igbos in the East.Thsts just thr plain truth.The yorubss should protect their own.Who can storm into a king Palace in Lagos definitely not indegenes but non indegenes
DOLAPO · 10/21/2020
Ipob zombie writer.......u think that we dafts as u people....... continue posting fake news nd destroying Tinubu nd Lagos State properties but u forgot that ur businesses are at Alaba international market......Trade fair...... Mazamaza market...... Ladipo market....... Ladipo, Jibowu nd Iddo motor parks......by the time we decend on them nd burn them to ashes u will know that Jesus is not from biafraud land........u people will cry blood by the time we finish with u
GUEST_eGxdrwp42 · 10/21/2020
pls leave Tinubu alone,he had suffered enough

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