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See What you MUST Do Immediately, If Someone Ever Rapes You

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Rape is becoming a serious issue in our society with many cases being recorded all over the country. It is simply a forceful sexual activity with a person without their consent.

Unfortunately we are in a society engulfed in crime and most of the victims do not act on time to give credence and strength to their evidences as rape case in court is a bit hard to prove because certain requirements are necessary plus a witness who may not be there in person but by reason of some medical conclusion.

To assist deal with this menace these are the things a victim of rape must do to help prosecute the offender successfully.

1.      Make sure you don’t take your bath immediately. Many who are raped quickly think of taking their bath as they feel that by taking their bath they are washed free of the stigma that comes with being raped. They feel like they pooed on themselves and feel messy. The danger here is that you wash away semen that could have been used by doctor to provide evidence.

2.      Rush to any nearby hospital. Most people feel ashamed coming out to discuss this and so keep to themselves or resort to self medication. Its important that having experienced such, you inform a doctor who should scrutinize and run test to confirm bruises from struggle, evidence of forceful entry and semen from the rapist. It will go a long way to help your case.

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3.      Inform the Police. Make sure the police is also informed immediately so that forensic research is carried out around where the event occurred. They could find something useful.

4.      Get a lawyer or a Civil Organization informed. Its important to carry along a lawyer or any civil organization for the protection of women as that will help you prosecute your case and serve as a support base against emotional torture you might be going through. Example of a civil organization that can help in Nigeria is, Social Intervention Advocacy Foundation (SIAF), siaf.org.ng.

All these are necessary because it can be very difficult to prove rape case if the story is not corroborated by another piece of evidence to support the statement of the prosecutrix (the victim). It is a legal requirement.

We understand that there are challenges with the system and that its not easy to be balanced emotionally to act but its important if you want to get justice to do these and do it timely.

It is also important also so that people are not wrongly punished for false accusation of rape.

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Top Comments
OgechuckwuSoronnadi · 07/2/2020
Thanks for the great advice.👌 But practically... How long will these procedures take? Just in case it happened to someone for real. So the evidence must be kept intact for how long dear?🤔🤔🤔 . . What if the filth's unbearable... Any other way to convict the person of the crime rather than presenting a DNA sample?🤷
AdnewmakAsnawm · 07/22/2020

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